welcome to the Carat factory

welcome to the Carat factory

welcome to the Carat factory

About Us

Welcome to the Carat Factory, where joints are sparked and tolerances are tested. With a deep-rooted passion for cannabis, our founders have witnessed the evolution of the industry firsthand, but one category always wins, value.

Inside every Carat is a balanced ratio of concentrate to flower that leans in to potency without taking away from the smoking experience.

Our team has been working with farms for decades and have combed indoor garden to indoor garden sifting through thousands of turkey bags every year for our clients, and Carats comes along for the ride. When we buy our personals, we don’t care about the price, we ask “but does it blow?” We put new cuts in to our select group of testers.

We select strains based on nose, potency, and moisture content to ensure a consistent smoke, while continuously hunting for new strains with different terp profiles to confuse your endocannabinoid system. We developed Carats to be an affordable luxury so you can let the Highdeas flow. 


Carats Prerolls are tolerance testers. Get ready for a strong, unforgiving high from our ratio of flower to concentrate. Carats has a two stage journey that begins with the sharp, quick multifaceted high from the diamonds, followed by the arcing high of the terp rich crumble and flower. By combining the two powerful elements, we’ve created a preroll stronger and louder than speaker stacks.

Carat Stix

One Gram Cannabis Preroll Infused With Diamonds And Crumble.

Carat Tops

Three Half Gram Prerolls Infused With Diamonds And Crumble.

Carats Merch

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